Meeting with Lithuanian Stakeholders in Klaipeda

Mr. Marcus Siewert from the Lead Partner University of Rostock went to Klaipeda in December to meet with the Associated Partner from SE Klaipeda State Seaport Authority. The Chief Dispatcher of Port Control Department, Mr. Aleksandras Kaupas, invited a big number of Lithuanian Stakeholders to that meeting. Twelve people from different authorities and agencies attended the meeting. After a general presentation of the project, an active discussion took place. Klaipeda is the only seaport of Lithuania and is very important to the local economy. Two oil terminals are operating there. At the same time Lithuania has a very limited stretch of coastline which is very important for coastal tourism and recreation. Therefore Oil spill response is of great significance for Lithuania. The stakeholders look forward in the assistance of the development of the national workshop in Lithuania and in participation in field trainings.klaipeda



SB-OIL presented at national Swedish Oil Spill Conference in Helsingborg

The annual Swedish national conference on oil spill preparedness gathers all Swedish stakeholders with an interest in oil spill preparedness on. It gives updates on recent developments within all involved national agencies and presents current projects and case studies, as well as other relevant information. There is a heavy emphasis on dialogue and getting input from the audience for the continued strategic work. Dr Jonas Pålsson attended as an invited speaker and also to present the new SBOIL project. It was Held on November 29th & 30th 2016 in Helsingborg.