SBOIL Spill Response exercise on the river Warnow (Rostock, Germany)

Introduction: Based on discussions with the Environmental Agency (EA) of the Hanseatic City of Rostock it was decided to do a spill response exercise on the river Warnow using the netboom from the project SBOIL. This exercise was carried out on November 16th and 17th 2017. It was focused on netboom handling, no sorbents were applied to the water.

 Scenario: Regularly oil appears at the southern part of the river Warnow in the area of the city harbor (Stadthafen). The EA decides to use sorbents to clean up the spill. They are applied on the water surface by hand and will follow the surface current. After a short period of time the sorbents are saturated with oil and ready for recovery. The netboom is installed downstream at the cut bank of the river (upper Image). It is estimated, that most of the sorbents will pass that location and enter the netboom (lower Image). Once the netboom is filled with sorbents, the cod end will be recovered into a liquid-safe storage tank on land.

Summary: Within the exercise it could be demonstrated that the netboom in its actual configuration can be applied with manageable effort. This scenario / this exercise can be transferred to other rivers and ports entering the Baltic Sea. Regional aspects have to be taken into account (hydrodynamic conditions, permissions, available ships etc.). Onshore handling is expected to ease in the near future, due to the use of the customized netboom storage container.