Busy June

In June two national Workshops on Oil Spill Response were organized with Support of the SBOIL Project.

The national Lithuanian Workshop was held within the Framework of the 7th IEEE / OES Baltic Symposium. A dedicated SBOIL session included presentations about the Project, the biggest oil Spill in the Baltic Sea and the update of the Lithuanian Contingency Plan on oil Spill Response. This was supported by the associated Partner Klaipeda State  Seaport Authority and the Lithuanian Maritime Rescue Coordination Center.  The Symposium was Held at the new building of the Marine Research Institute of Klaipėda University (see Picture below).










Two weeks later a Joint exercise was organized together with Polish SAR. The Container and the netboom were loaded to the Spill Response vessel KAPITAN POINC. The netboom handling was tested at the Baltic Sea on June 26th (see Picture below). Afterwards the ship went to Szczecin to Support the national Polish Workshop on the next day. Within the Workshop the concept of sorbents was discussed. A simulation of an accident, reuslting in oil entering the port of Świnoujście was the basis for a lively discussion in the afternoon related to responsibilities and duties. A Video of the Workshop can be found here: