SBOIL Table Top Exercise Generated Curiosity at the National Oil Spill Conference in Stockholm, Sweden

At the end of November,  Fire Engineer and Senior Officer,  Mateusz Sosnowski from Södertörns Brandförsvarsförbund and Research Associate Jennie Larsson from World Maritime University (WMU), presented the results from the SBOIL (South Baltic Oil spill response) Table Top Exercise (TTX) at the Swedish National Oil Spill Conference in Stockholm.

The yearly Conference, arranged by the National Oil Spill Forum in Sweden, serves as a meeting place for academia, emergency professionals and governmental bodies and institutions working in the area of maritime oil spill preparedness and emergency management in Sweden. The presentation generated interesting discussions about the possible usage of the new oil spill technique, Biobind, as well as possible new collaborators. The conference also presented extensive networking opportunities with various Swedish stakeholders and knowledge sharing.

Two Summarizing conclusions from SBOIL Table top exercise presented at the National conference were:

  • Although a new product itself is effective the real effectiveness is largely dependent  on the knowledge, capability to handle and logistics needed within the different stakeholders.
  • It is also important to think of the whole implementing chain from stocking products/gear, dispersion of it, to collecting, transporting hazardous waste and disposal. There is a big number of different stakeholders and regulations that need be considered for a successful usage.  It does not matter if you deploy a new binding agent if there is no infrastructure for collection and disposal.

Skip to Video Nr 17/20 to see the SBOIL presentation.

Link to Conference Program (in Swedish)

Link to WMU Presentation (in Swedish)